Unlock the full potential of your CiviCRM with help of Сivi24Host


The winning combination of remote hosting and powerful functionality makes CiviCRM for non-profit organizations a winning solution that saves time and money. Read about how this software makes it easy for more than 10,000 small and large organizations worldwide to work together.


Сivi24Host – your personal time tracker

Effective management of community needs depends on planning – experience has shown that sometimes the focus of managing internal processes needs to be recovered for smooth operation. To prevent this, many nonprofits are purposefully choosing the lesser path of resistance – multilingual, remote, and self-service systems that do not require third-party intervention. Considering CiviCRM as one of these solutions, it is easy to integrate it into content management systems (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal). Monthly critical security updates and Firewall settings ensure extra-layer of protection. If it is essential for the organization to support SLA and GDPR level collaboration, then this software provides reliable operation due to the following aspects.

  • Quality of service

Unlike the local solution, Сivi24Host provides a SaaS-based hosting model. This practical alternative is designed to minimize the number of inconvenient and unwanted system failures, with minimal cost and no in-house development team.

  • Accessibility to many users:

We train specialists in nonprofit organizations to ensure the system’s functionality fully meets the client’s needs. This avoids possible problems with operation. In this case, you do not have to configure, monitor and maintain the hosted CiviCRM software yourself – you pay as you go, altering the hosting packages when resource demands change.

  • Daily backup

To avoid wasting time restoring important files and correspondence with community members, CiviCRM provides the ability to create regular backups.

Сivi24Host is designed to bridge the gap between non-profit organizations that use CiviCRM functionality daily and those that lack the technical resources or time to install. This approach is the basis of time tracking. Instead of thinking about updates, fixes, and settings- you choose the easiest option – to give Сivi24Host service these responsibilities.


Efficient management of your NGO with Сivi24Host

If your NGO is focused on scaling, this software is precisely what you need. Easy integration with other tools, cross-browser, 24/7 server monitoring, cloud environment with constant security updates are guarantors of stable operation. The only concern of the user is the Internet connection.

The Сivi24Host is also your personal time tracker – tap-to-call, push notifications, and device alerts/news updates perfectly complement the user experience and help you better plan your schedule. Your individual needs will be considered – whether it’s operational training, preparing for data migration, or configuring functionality. This software aims to reduce the labor required to maintain it. That’s why we provide the ability to coordinate all aspects of support for your organization, namely:

  1. Regular version updates;
  2. Configuration of new features;
  3. Remote maintenance (SaaS);
  4. Interaction without investment in equipment and personnel;
  5. Round-the-clock monitoring of the system;
  6. Access to CiViFeatures and the CiviMobile app;
  7. Work directly from your smartphone.

Another distinctive feature of Сivi24Host is that a fixed monthly subscription fee for each package covers many services besides hosting services.


Cost of Сivi24Host services

Nothing can make you happier than an optimally priced service. Сivi24Host is a cost-effective solution based on a pay-as-you-go subscription model. You will experience significant savings because the bill will include only the essentials – storage space, space for the database on the SSD, and the configuration of the mail server. You can easily change your subscription plan and expand the list of hosting services.

European web hosting on optimized SSD cloud servers will improve the performance of CiviCRM. Try the one month free trial and see how easy it is to use this software.



To keep the system running stably, you need a reliable solution. Unlimited contacts, CiviFeatures support, mobile availability, SSL-encrypted connection, DDoS attack protection, and remote management has become the main feature of CiviCRM. Сivi24Host is a guarantor of SLA and GDPR compliance and provides expert support of high-end remote hardware and a team of specialists. So you don’t have to worry about possible system failures because round-the-clock monitoring and full compliance with your organization’s needs will be the key to saving precious time.