Optimal CiviCRM SaaS Solution for NGO

Сivi24Host service provides a reliable hosting environment for CiviCRM along with tech support required to install the software and keep it fully operational.

Who is it good for?

Setting up and managing a local server for the majority of nonprofits can be costly, time-consuming and most of the time no easy feat too. Those who go for this endeavor usually have an experienced internal team to perform frequent system checks and ensure data centers run smoothly, etc. This is rarely the optimal solution for NGOs.

Total control over critical data could be a powerful driver of an on-premise CiviCRM solution were it not an illusion that often dispels when the system starts to malfunction, unexpected downtime occurs, actions are to be taken and appropriate monitoring procedures implemented.

Unlike an on-premise solution, Сivi24Host delivers a SaaS-based hosting model with totally different capabilities.

Сivi24Host service offers an effective alternative for the organizations looking to utilize CiviCRM for their internal processes yet do it with minimal expenses and no internal development team. Rather than paying upfront to purchase a local CRM server, you rent space on a web server and pay a monthly subscription to use the service. Software installation and configuration, updates, fixes, and support are included in the subscription package.

Consider what makes hosted CiviCRM a right option for your organization.

How Сivi24Host service benefits your NGO

Lower Deployment Expenses

Сivi24Host service pursues an infrastructure model that puts no strain on the organization resources or damper on the expectations to have a fully operational CiviCRM at service within a short time. As your hosting provider, we are responsible for setting up CiviCRM infrastructure for a minimal subscription fee. You incur no initial deployment costs of buying web server hardware and associated software.

Instant start

An organization can skip long setup and configuration process. The procedure is extremely simple. Subscription for one of the packages is what it takes to start benefiting from the CRM immediately. As a user, you may want to select a free 1-month trial package and have a free temporary access to CiviCRM hosting service to evaluate its benefits for my organization. Should you need custom solution, our experts are at your service.

Uptime Guaranteed

We provide the skills and resources required to monitor the system, make necessary adjustments and updates to ensure its availability for organization constituents. The process takes time, resources and effort, the nonprofit organizations would rather spend on planning their fundraising initiatives and fulfilling community needs. Our experts perform regular backups of your web-based CiviCRM system to keep it fully operational when some malfunctions occur.

System Mobility

Organization officers value CRM mobility as the result of their work often depends on the ability to use software on the go. When working outside the office, coordinating events or travelling to different locations to meet with fundraisers or sponsors, the employees might need to make updates, view specific information or make urgent calls. Empowered with CiviCRM hosted version, users will be able to access the system wherever there is internet connection. But it’s you who grant the users with varying levels of permission access. Your employees deserve the best software.

Robust Security

The essential benefit of Сivi24Host service is tight security. We prioritize security issues at all time to protect the data you trust us with. The data are protected against SSL and DDoS attacks as all interactions between the hosted CiviCRM and the user’s browser as well as between the server and the database are secure with SLL- encryption method. Firewall is used for extra security.

GDPR compliance

Our servers are located in EU and data is held in compliance with the GDPR’s regulations. Сivi24Host service underwent an extensive review of its processes and policies to ensure it amply fulfils the requirements set forth in the EU GDPR legislation.

Scalability and Customization

When the organization grows so does the demand on the system resources. We do any custom work, perform integration, build extensions to significantly extend benefits from CiviCRM. It also works the opposite way, you may start with basic features and then gradually switch to higher disk capacity or require more advanced modules. In this case, the CiviCRM Hosting package can be instantly upgraded or downgraded to tailor to your organization unique needs.