Free / for month

Unlimited number of contacts (limited by DB size)

up to 4 000 emails/ month

DB space on SSD – 1 GB

Storage space – 2 GB

* domain

Daily backup frequency




Renewed UI (Shoreditch)


Customer Support

9am – 6pm CET/ by email

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€ 50 / per hour

Unlimited number of contacts (limited by DB size)

per agreement

Custom DB space on SSD

Custom Storage space

* or Your own domain

Custom Backup frequency

Custom solution according to the client requirements

Customer Support

9am – 6pm CET/ by email

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Our packages provide everything you need to get started with CiviCRM or upgrade it with more advanced features and add-ons.

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Data Protection

We use several levels of data protection to mitigate the risks associated with cyber security threats. The encryption technology of SSL certificates is used to protect server-client communication, while firewall blocks malicious traffic and suspicious requests. The team regularly perform critical security updates and keep daily backups of data for emergency cases. Our services are GDPR compliant and include SLA guarantees.


Scale up or down the computing resources when needed. We offer the “pay-as-you-go” CiviCRM hosting service model with a possibility to level up or down your subscription plan and add or limit bandwidth, storage and other resources according to increased or decreased needs of your organization. Data migration from old CRM, сustomization, new extension development, data entry, and other services are available for separate price.

Client Support

When support is needed we won’t keep you waiting. Client Support is delivered over email from 9am till 6pm CET (time and mode of support can be arranged separately) Support includes all required updates, experts’ guidance and supervision, video tutorials, user guides and more.


You get a trusted and secure hosting solution brought to you by a dedicated team responsible for configuring powerful Europe-based server, implementing, monitoring systems and procedures, keeping them up to date with the latest technical developments. Regardless of the subscription plan your data is consistently accessible over the web