Hosted CiviCRM (Software as a Service (SaaS) CiviCRM) is an online version of CiviCRM deployed and managed on a remote server. It’s accessed remotely via a web browser. Users log into the system on an on-demand basis without any additional installation, maintenance or upgrade efforts. The service provider maintains the system.

Hosting solution brought to you by Сivi24Host supports extended security measures to protect your data against SSL and DDoS attacks. SLL encryption algorithms and firewall solution secure all interactions between web browser and server. As our servers are located in EU we pursue a cooperation model that is GDPR compliant and grounded on SLA guarantees.

Follow these steps to start benefiting from hosted CiviCRM:

-register and agree to our Terms of Service

-subscribe for the package that best fits your organizational needs or select a free 1-month trial package

-fill in the required info to have CiviCRM configured

Once the account is approved and payment confirmed we send you login credentials to your CiviCRM. You can access your account information in User Area through the client login here on our site.

Typically, the setup and configuration process won’t take more than few minutes.

You’ll have unlimited access to CiviCRM with full admin rights to the administrative (Settings) areas used for configuring features, enabling/disabling extensions, managing users and distributing permissions.

We provide full support for hosted CiviCRM, from installation and daily backups to regular version updates, continuous monitoring, guidance and supervision. Full support implies your CiviCRM is fully functional and available online 24/7. Custom package extends Сivi24Host service for specific customer needs. On all our packages we offer 9am – 6pm CET email support, time and mode can be arranged separately. For all support related inquiries please email info@civi24host.com.

You can always add more server space by upgrading your subscription. To add more server space, select the package that best fits your organizational needs. You can do it from your profile page by clicking Managing subscription button or Packages page on our website. There are no upgrade charges, you only pay for a difference to more expensive package

When demands on resources change you may upgrade or downgrade your package by managing subscriptions in your profile. There are no upgrade charges, you only pay for a difference to more expensive package. Note that when you downgrade in the middle of the month no refund will be given. We do not prorate the monthly fee.

We set up and configure SMTP service for managing your email

Subscriptions on Basic and Advanced Packages are monthly and can be cancelled whenever you want. Remove an instance from your account and your subscription for that particular CiviCRM server will be annulled not affecting your other instances. Also you can cancel by emailing us. Terms on custom package are negotiated separately. Note that when you cancel in the middle of the month no refund will be given. We do not prorate the monthly fee

Yes, you may request data migration or domain transfer. Our team will help you with transfer

Have a question? We are here to help.